Carina Brunnelli, Transitory with one Another
60.2 x 90.1 cm, matt, unique; 2022
Photo print Fuji Crystal Archive, acrylic glass
Carina Brunnelli, Transitory
Transitory 24, glossy, unique; 2024
60 x 90 cm, Photo print Fuji Crystal

Carina Brunnelli


Carina Brunnelli, born in Salzburg in 1987, is a renowned Creative Producer, Director, and Conceptual Photographer. From 2010 to 2020, Carina worked as a Creative Producer and Director, taking charge of the creative direction of various international TV and film productions, encompassing visual and conceptual planning, as well as overseeing the organisation and management aspects of the productions. From 2019 to 2022, Carina enrolled in the Prague Photography School in Linz, Austria, where she pursued artistic and applied photography studies. In 2022, Carina established her own studio, Studio Carina Brunnelli, in Salzburg, Austria. As an independent photographer, her focus shifted towards conceptual photography, with a particular emphasis on architecture, aesthetics, and art. Carina’s artistic endeavours have been recognized and showcased in various exhibitions. In August 2021, her work was featured in the „Social Environment and Self Image“ international Summer Academy in Salzburg, curated by Christina Dimitriadis. In June 2022, Carina participated in the “Art despite Violence” winning the international open call campaign initiated by “Fotohof Salzburg”. In July 2023, Carina’s journey as an artist continued with her participation in the group exhibition „Le Début“ in Salzburg, initiated by the White Wall Collectors Club.

Intention of her art photographs

Carina’s creative intention lies in transporting people to a realm of tranquillity to escape the bustling world filled with noise and distraction through her art. It is in these moments that she connects with nature, creating images that serve as mirrors to our souls, gently using us to delve into the depths of our own thoughts and emotions. They provide a space for reflection, self-awareness and personal growth. Carina’s work holds a captivating power that transcends language and touches the soul. Her photographs have the ability to inspire while also providing moments of tranquil stillness. For Carina, there is no greater reward than witnessing individuals drawn to her art, finding serenity and silence within its embrace.

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